This month we asked two terrific designers about the two newest Greenfield paint colors:  Chalk and Mushroom.  We are delighted to share the insights of Megan Tennant, owner + lead designer of Forte Design Studios, Fort Collins, Colorado, and Courtney Wilson, lead designer at Captiva Design Center, Fort Myers, Florida.

Shown here: Hudson A door style, Chalk Paint, Beaded Inset construction, with a slab style drawer front

“Greenfield’s Chalk paint color is taking white to the mountain summits,” comments Megan Tennant of Forte Design Studios.  “We all know white to be a classic look, a timeless selection that will stand all testaments,” she adds.

“I want you to imagine a grand mountain peak, completely covered in a blanket of soft snow, sun glistening from above with subtle grey highlights from the rocks beneath…this is Greenfield’s Chalk paint color!  This color option grasps the classic look and spins it into an elevated white.”

Well put, Megan – and nicely done, using the Colorado mountains as inspiration for color interpretation!

To tie Chalk paint into your kitchen or bath cabinetry, Megan suggests mixing this brilliant, towering white with a striking dark grey painted cabinet, pulling from the grey highlight of the color and the rocks beneath your feet.  “Chalk paint color will elevate your space!”

Courtney Wilson of Captiva Design Center says, “White is white, right?”  Not necessarily so!

“In the absence of all color, yes, but in the design world few statements could be further from fact,” notes Courtney.  “Enter Greenfield’s Chalk paint color – the white paint for every occasion. It’s not stark white, yet creates a contrast to ensure any design will stand out.  Chalk can also create a subtle backdrop to complement accent pieces.

“As a complementary color or stand alone, Chalk paint is the ideal white hue for virtually every design.”

Thanks, Courtney!  We love hearing about how our paint colors create statement-making designs come alive.

Shown here: Hudson A door style, Mushroom Paint, Full Access construction, with a five-piece drawer front

According to Courtney, when it comes to the West Coast of Florida, grey or beige is an ever-present constant.   “Just grab any shell or starfish and set it atop of one of these trending colors, and you’ll soon learn that it’s not just a tendency in this area, it’s a mainstay,” he notes.

“Then Greenfield’s Mushroom color arrives, and transforms the possibilities of beach inspired cabinets for our endless shores. Mushroom mimics the driftwood landscape of the pristine waterways.”

Megan adds, “The Greenfield Mushroom paint color is an absolute knock-out in luxury!  This specific color touches on a beautiful fusion of earthy warmth and contemporary clean.

The Sherwin Williams® color, Poised Taupe was named color of the year in 2017, and the Greenfield Mushroom color captures the Poised Taupe essence beautifully.

“If your goal is to make a stunning, yet elegant statement in your kitchen or bath cabinetry, I recommend selecting Mushroom paint color with a bold matte brass pull, and transform your space to its next level in style,” summarizes Megan.  “It deserves it, and so do you!”

Thank you, Megan and Courtney for the “fort meets fort” insights on our two newest paint choices.

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