Designing a new kitchen is a huge undertaking, and one of the most important parts of the process is finding the perfect color. Green is a color that can help connect nature to your space. In this month’s blog, we are showing you some of the exciting shades of green that Greenfield Cabinetry has to offer.



Shown left to right: Edamame, Edamame with Black Glaze, and Edamame with Brown Glaze

Edamame combines green and grey, imbuing a subtle, earthy vibe which can inspire an entire space. This lighter tint allows a space to hold more interior light, feel larger, and showcase the green color.



Shown left to right: Kale and Kale with Black Glaze

A mid-tone value, Kale is a warm, natural green that is complemented by many of our neutral paints, such as Hummus.


Pesto is an ideal choice if you prefer a darker shade of green for your project. As mentioned in our March 2023 blog, Pesto is a perfect pairing with Rift Cut White Oak featuring a Natural finish. Pesto can add depth to a kitchen with its moody, highly saturated darker base.



Shown left to right: Sawgrass and Sawgrass with Black Glaze

Sawgrass is a soothing, cool green value, reminiscent of a lush marsh. If you are looking for a color to accompany a relaxing space, Sawgrass is for you.

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