Do you love the natural beauty of wood but want to add some color and personality to your space? If so, you might want to consider using a transparent stain on your cabinets. Greenfield Cabinetry has begun to introduce new translucent stains, with the rising popularity of grey-brown influenced and natural stains in 2023.

What Makes a Translucent Stain?

A transparent stain is a type of wood finish that enhances and showcases the grain and texture of the wood while adding a subtle tint of color. Unlike a paint or a solid stain, a transparent stain does not cover up the wood completely, but rather lets some of the natural wood and grain show through. This introduces a more organic and rustic look that can suit a variety of styles and tastes. One of our new translucent stains that we would like to introduce this month is Flaxseed.

Introducing Flaxseed

Flaxseed is an exciting new transparent stain option that can be applied to multiple wood selections across Greenfield Cabinetry. Flaxseed introduces a warm and organic feeling to any room of the home.

Because translucent stains add a sheer tint to the natural color of the wood they are applied to, Flaxseed can look very different, and quite striking on the various Greenfield hardwood choices.  Which one is right for you?

Shown left to right: Flaxseed on Alder, Cherry, Hard Maple, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Red Oak and Walnut.  (Flaxseed stain is also offered on Knotty Alder and Rift Cut White Oak, which are not shown.)

The Flaxseed stain is available with Black Glaze, which adds a sheer tonal difference in the wood, and “hangs up” on certain door and drawer front styles adding dimension to the overall appearance.

Click here to view Flaxseed and other Greenfield stains.

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