Texture creates an elemental yet bespoke feel, and its inviting to the touch. Creating visual interest through contrasting or complementary patterns, texture is today’s solution for the smooth landscape of paint. According to Fresh Home, “Honestly, we think that the ‘sense of touch’ part of the definition should be revised to say ‘perceived’ sense of… [...]


Pale and soft while maintaining a color’s true personality, pastel hues promote security and wellness, as well as a sense of peace. According to Young Huh of Young Huh Interiors via Elle Décor, “Pastels are still hugely popular, but I think we’re gravitating towards pastels with added warmth and earthy undertones. For overall color palettes, we’re… [...]


Natural and green elements bring the outdoors, indoors. Nature is the main source of inspiration, creating harmony between your home and Mother Nature through the balance of natural colors, textures and sheens. According to Cheryl Eisen of Interior Marketing Group via Elle Décor, “In 2020, we're going to see a shift away from the cool… [...]

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Everywhere we look today, we see touches of metallic tones re-emerging in interiors. Not over-the-top, but rather accents of warm metals, creating contrast to the cool tones often inherent in white kitchens. Metallic tones feel luxurious and personalized, like fine jewelry. According to Houzz, “While a pop of gold, silver or rose gold can certainly… [...]


Deep, dramatic shades of almost-black and a hint of color make a room feel sophisticated, yet cozy.  Darker tones create a feeling of permanence and romance in your home. According to Nicole Gibbons of Clare via Elle Décor, “When it comes to colors that have been unexpectedly popular, we’re definitely seeing a trend toward rich,… [...]


Considered a premium look, inset construction features the cabinet doors and drawer fronts set inset the front frame, creating a flush, handcrafted appearance. Hinges are concealed or hidden, but you may also opt for upgraded “faux finial” exposed hinges, for an extra cost. Greenfield Cabinetry offers FOUR inset choices. There is no difference in the… [...]


Bold colors are meant to stand out and be seen. Vibrancy is not meant to be muted. Bolds represent optimism and excitement, which is important in a corporate or tech-emphasized world. According to, “Bright kitchen colors such as reds, yellows and apricot are becoming even more popular in kitchens because they are not only… [...]

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Do you prefer glitz and glamour over laid back and low-key? Do you want the look of high gloss but require something with a little more depth? Greenfield’s 2D Laminate Wired collection might be just what you’re looking for! High gloss 2D Laminates are flat laminated to a high quality. Similar to acrylic, an engineered… [...]


Husband and wife duo Jami and Kim Hinman of Hinman Construction and their team took on an 19th century Greek Revival home. The project started out as a homeowner DIY but became a complete and transformative makeover. The remodel consisted of the kitchen, mudroom, entry, laundry, sitting area, and two bathrooms. “We love working with… [...]


Veneer choices are expressive, distinctive and refined.  Are they in your future? Certainly there are numerous reasons for this growing popularity. One may suspect this is propelled by the growing trend towards natural products and bringing nature back into the home. Veneer slabs showcase wood grains beautifully; the grain patterns seem to tell a tale… [...]


It’s the dawn of “WHAT’S NEXT.”. The New Year will usher in an era of rich colors, intriguing textures, bold statements and essential accessories. Deep personalization is being realized, without restraint. Explore “what’s next” for Greenfield Cabinetry, where today’s luxury is within reach.

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What do you think of when you hear the term Maple?  A big leafy tree that turns its leaves to bright orange and deep red, perhaps?  But did you know that Maple is known for its hardness and minimal grain pattern, making it an ideal choice for today’s more contemporary themes?  It’s true! Maple provides… [...]