Love it or hate it, white kitchens reign supreme, and are still immensely popular with most homeowners. Unlike honey colored red oak, white paint does not tie a kitchen to a certain time or decade. White can also be used to have cabinets blend into the foreground to make other accents pop. So how can you elevate white?

White doesn’t always mean bright

Greenfield offers FOUR whites, a bright classic white: Glacier, and three additional softer whites: Cameo, Chalk and Surfside. The best way to read a white and its undertones is to take a sample into natural light to get the best feel on what will work with your space. Looking for something a little more grey-tinted? Cameo and Chalk are great go-to’s. Need something softer? Try Surfside!

Don’t forget that Greenfield can match white paint from leading paint makers for a modest fee!

Add a statement

You’re wanting a white kitchen, but you don’t want a cookie cutter look. Consider adding an accent color on your island cabinets, prepped for glass accent doors, or a colorful backsplash.

Consider alternate materials beyond paint

Maybe painted white isn’t for you? Greenfield offers great alternative material choices, like Acrylic, 2D Laminate and Fenix NTM that come in white.

Whatever white you choose, just make sure it’s right for you! No judgement on white kitchens, here!

Check out our white selections here, and when you’re ready, contact one of our authorized dealers to see a sample.

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