Since 2013, Greenfield designer Courtney Wilson of Captiva Design Build has been creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind kitchens, baths and other rooms for the fabulous homes on Ft. Myers Beach, Captiva Island and Sanibel Island in Florida.

In 2021, Courtney engaged with a client on Sanibel Island who had a very specific vision for her bathroom remodel.  He notes, “Our client is meticulous and knows exactly how she wants things to look.”  He adds, “She had a vision of a flowing room with furniture-type vanities and storage.”

“She wanted the built-in furniture look, but also wanted the vanity sitting on a certain type of leg. She wanted it taller than what is standard, but not too tall. We ended up ordering full furniture posts from Greenfield and using the bottom third of each to get the vanity leg-look she wanted.

“She also wanted the stand-alone linen storage cabinet to be a stunner, as its own piece of furniture, yet still be complementary to the other furniture in the room.”

No small feat.  Or feet.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Picture it: a classic 1980s-style master bath, possessing features indicative of the era, like 4 x 4 white wall tile, a tub/shower combo, builder-grade, white Formica-style cabinets with Formica countertops and the ever-so-popular, oval sinks.  Can you see it?

Now, let’s time lapse to 2024, approximately 40 years down the road, where interior design standards and preferences have dramatically changed, and cabinets, lighting, fixturing, and tile choices have exploded.  Which, leads us to the client’s furniture-inspired theme for the island home, today.

Here’s a peek at the renderings for the new, primary bath vanity and freestanding linen storage cabinet.















Wow!  This planned two-toned room definitely has a furniture vibe.

It’s worth noting that the original room did not have to be reconfigured (no walls moved) to accommodate the homeowner’s vision.  Everything within the room was tore-out, of course, and new flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures accompany the new double-bowl vanity and freestanding linen storage cabinet.  The barrier-free shower is new too, featuring a full-high wall/door, hand shower and built-in bench.























Shown: primary bath, custom Greenfield Cabinetry vanity, Beaded Inset construction, Preston 275 A door style, Paint Grade material, with Chalk paint color.  Freestanding Greenfield linen storage cabinet, Beaded Inset construction, Ashbourne 231 A door style, in Rift Cut White Oak, with a Natural (clear) finish, and a “limed” treatment.

Courtney notes, “Everything is exactly how she wanted it. We didn’t even add more lighting, just updated what was there and made everything seem bigger and brighter.

“The planning was long and arduous, but I would rather have it that way at the beginning, so everyone is on the same page, than have unanswered questions in the middle/end of the project. Every piece had a purpose and reason for looking like it did.”

Courtney’s client writes: “Thank you so much for working with me and redesigning the vanities and linen cupboards until they were perfect! Your attention to detail and ability to interpret

my vision was remarkable.  And you have the patience of a saint! It was a delightful experience and a real pleasure to work with you again. Great teamwork!”

About the dealer:

The Captiva Design Center is a one-stop shopping experience. From concept to completion, they can design and supply you with everything you need for your next new home build or remodeling project.

What is Inset cabinet construction?

A Framed Inset cabinet is one where the door and drawer front are mounted such that they are flush or nearly flush with the front face frame; the doors and drawer fronts literally sit inside the front frame.  It’s a more traditional look, which is enjoying a resurgence in preference.

Greenfield Cabinetry offers four different types of Framed Inset looks – keep in mind that all Inset doors and drawer fronts sit flush or nearly flush with the front face frame.  That won’t change; but what can change is the way the door and drawer front look inside the frame.  Greenfield offers two nearly flush options of Framed Inset called SR Inset and ER Inset.  Additionally, we offer a BI (Beaded) Inset option, where we carve a decorative detail around the inside edge of the front frame, which creates a bit more visual interest.  And lastly, we offer a CI (Coventry) Inset option, which is similar to the Beaded Inset option, only the decorative detail is larger; chunkier, if you will, for a more pronounced look.

What is a Limed finish treatment?

Liming is a classic finish method used to enhance the natural grain characteristics of wood.  This hand-applied material is also called a ceruse treatment.  In the distant past, the technique used actual lime as a colorant.  Today, the products are very safe.  We offer a white Liming on Rift Cut White Oak and Quarter Sawn White Oak choices.

We magnify the Liming effect by hand-scrubbing the wood with metal bristle brushes prior to the Liming application, working the brush parallel to the grain to avoid scratches.  As with any hand-applied finish treatment, the end result will vary from piece to piece.

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