Custom cabinetry has a lot of connotations when it comes to industry, but it doesn’t always mean locally made or shop built. According to Merriam-Webster, custom is defined as “made or performed according to personal order.” In the industry, it simply means your cabinetry is made to order, designed, and built to your specific needs and requirements. Custom means built just for you; similar to how no two people are alike, no two homes are alike. Each home has its own specialness, quirks and challenges, which requires a custom approach. The most important home our cabinetry will go into is yours. With that in mind, our team of talented designers, woodcrafters and engineers strive to provide the finest crafted cabinetry available… cabinetry with the style, finish and durability to become a valued heirloom.

Greenfield Cabinetry provides “luxury within reach,” featuring a portfolio that hits the sweet-spot of custom cabinetry needs.


Well, first let’s clarify – we do not pull Greenfield cabinets from a warehouse for your new kitchen or bath – we build everything to your designer’s specifications.  In other words, we don’t start until your order is submitted to our plant.  We construct everything in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, where our cabinetmakers are skilled craftspeople using the latest technology with exacting standards.  The quality and value of Greenfield cabinets is beyond compare – from the choice of the finest woods and finishes, stains and paints, colors, and styles – to the myriad of creative configurations to meet every need – to a superb selection of stunning accessories.

By manufacturing your order in our facilities, we have control over the quality and craftsmanship of your cabinets. We use the finest materials and precision to enhance value and performance.


We provide a variety of style, material, and finish choices, so you can personalize your new spaces to precisely your taste.

Homeowners can order Greenfield cabinets in one of three unique types of cabinet construction: framed modern overlay, framed inset and full access, each yielding a different cosmetic look/feel. Our inset construction is hand fitted per cabinet opening for maximum precision. We also offer smooth dovetail drawers in your choice of maple, walnut and metal Legrabox.

Greenfield finishes are designed to ensure color consistency and durability for your home. Our finishes are comprised of several pigment layers to create consistency of color, depth of finish, luster and long- term durability.


Do you have a vision that is beyond typical? Do you have a specific color value, configuration, or concept that you know you’ll require assistance with? Never fear, our custom quoting team is here. We welcome your creativity. Our craftsmen make truly one-of-a-kind pieces every day. Greenfield has the capability for custom width, height, and depth to fit your specific space.

Can’t find the exact color you’re looking for? Greenfield Cabinetry offers a custom paint matching program for Benjamin Moore®, Farrow & Ball® and Sherwin Williams® fan colors.  The process is simple – tell your authorized Greenfield designer what color(s) you’re interested in; then our team at the factory will create two color blocks – one for you and your designer, and one for us.  All of this is done for a very modest fee. We can even custom match a finish to meet your artisanal and unique tastes.


All Greenfield cabinets stand behind our LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY, which was introduced in 2010. We strive to ensure our products meet the highest standards of workmanship and materials. Our demonstration of commitment to that effort is reflected in our warranty.

We have dedicated nearly 50 years to the manufacturing of custom cabinetry. Our cabinetmakers have that special blend of old-world attention to detail, combined with modern technical expertise. It’s the best of both worlds. We’re not setting the bar; we’re raising the bar.

Cabinets are a significant part of your home and your remodeling budget.  They also add a ton of value for resale, and if done right, provide years of enjoyment for you and your family.  Create value-add with Greenfield cabinets, in a host of traditional, transitional, and modern styles, materials and finishes.

Sold only by authorized dealers, not home centers. For the location of dealers in your area, click here.

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