In a word – absolutely.

Walnut is an upscale hardwood used for fine furniture,

How to describe it?

Walnut has tight, curly grain ranging from an off-white in the sapwood to a dark chocolate or purplish black in the heartwood. Walnut has occasional mineral streaks and pin knots. Over the years, Walnut develops a lustrous patina, and is a gorgeous choice for your new Greenfield kitchen, bath or other room of the home.

“Walnut is a high-end look, and today’s buyers desire rich texture and refined graining for their homes,” notes Ann Rottinghaus, vice president of sales and marketing for The Corsi Group, makers of Greenfield Cabinetry.

She continues, “Walnut is an incredibly diverse-looking option which can fit many different home themes, including modern, transitional and traditional.”

This is a marvelously modern Walnut Composite Veneer kitchen done by one of our designers in Illinois.

Shown here: Full Access construction, Estridge style, Composite Quartered Walnut, Natural.

And this is a super stately Walnut hardwood kitchen created by an Indiana designer.

Shown here: Full Access construction, Whitman 275 A style, Walnut, Custom Stain with Black Glaze.

And how about this terrific two-toned kitchen by a New Jersey designer?  Walnut is an ideal choice for a two-toned room.  Here we see Walnut being paired with our Surfside white paint, creating a traditional theme, with loads of visual interest.

Shown here: ER Inset construction, Catalina 275 A style throughout, with Surfside paint on perimeter cabinets, and Walnut, Custom Stain on island and hutch.

Did you know that you can get many different door styles in Walnut or Walnut Veneer?

Yes, yes you can.  You can create the material and stain combination you desire with Walnut.  Here is a sampling of inspiration for you!


(Left to right: Estridge style, Flat Cut Walnut Veneer, Natural, Sequenced, Slab Drawer Front; Quentin style, Walnut Hybrid, Breakwater, Molding Drawer Front; Quincy style, Walnut Hybrid, Asphalt, Molding Drawer Front)


(Left to right: Quaid style, Walnut Hybrid, Hazelnut, Molding Drawer Front; Ashbourne 231 A style, Walnut, Brownstone, ER Inset, Slab Drawer Front; Talan A style, Walnut, Brownstone, Black Glaze, 5-Piece Drawer Front)


(Left to right: Brunswick 325 C style, Walnut, Natural, Black Glaze, 1-Piece Raised Drawer Front; Jackson J style, Walnut, Asphalt, Beaded Inset, 1-Piece Raised Drawer Front; Medina C style, Walnut, Brownstone, 1-Piece Raised Drawer Front)

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