In this month’s blog, we celebrate the massively popular, two-toned kitchen trend.

What is a two-toned kitchen?  Glad you asked!  Many homeowners are spicing up their kitchen designs with two or sometimes even three different materials and finishes.  How?  There are a number of ways to mix materials and finishes within the same design – one way is to have the kitchen’s perimeter cabinets specified in one material and finish, and then contrast the perimeter with an island in a different material and finish.  Or, another way to accomplish an attractive two-toned kitchen design is to have the upper wall cabinets all the same material and finish, and do a contrasting material and finish for all the lower base cabinets.

We hope you are inspired by our perfect pairings for an on-trend, two-toned kitchen plan.  Who knows, maybe one of our pairings will inspire your next kitchen remodeling project!  #dreambig

PERFECT PAIRING #1: Walnut wood featuring the Breakwater stain, paired with Paint Grade material featuring Slate paint.  This pairing exudes luxury, with the richness of Walnut wood paired with the calm, cooling effect of Slate blue paint.  #modernluxury

PERFECT PAIRING #2: Paint Grade material featuring Pesto paint, paired with Rift Cut White Oak featuring a Natural finish.  This pairing radiates modern warmth, with the linear Rift Cut White Oak grain adding a hint of texture, grounded by the depth of the Pesto green paint.  #greenwithenvy

PERFECT PAIRING #3: Alder wood featuring the Asphalt stain, paired with Paint Grade material featuring Eggplant paint. If bold is your nature, then express it vividly with a pairing such as this.  This fresh combo showcases how subtle texture and cool color values create drama.  #kitchendrama

Check back for more Greenfield perfect pairings in future blogs!

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