What do you think of when you hear the term Maple?  A big leafy tree that turns its leaves to bright orange and deep red, perhaps?  But did you know that Maple is known for its hardness and minimal grain pattern, making it an ideal choice for today’s more contemporary themes?  It’s true! Maple provides the durability and longevity homeowners need.

Dawn Wattles, AKBD, Design Director of Cabinetry Ideas, Inc. in Indianapolis, shares her thoughts on Maple.

“Maple, particularly hard maple, offers a clean tight grain that creates a very fresh, light feel when used in a natural or light stained finish. As its name suggests, it is also a very hard wood making it a good choice for areas of heavy-duty activity since it is harder to dent than some other wood options can be. It is great option when wanting to add the warmth of wood without adding a lot of texture.”

“Hard maple is predictable. Unlike cherry or walnut, maple tends to stay very consistent over years of prolonged exposure to sunlight. Twenty years ago, natural maple was a very popular design selection in kitchens. Today, maple is much less popular as a stained cabinet, but it is by no means gone,” Dawn notes.

She adds, “Hard Maple is not only a great option for adding a natural element that is soft on the eye, but also a priceless material in the cabinet manufacturing industry.”

Thank you for your expertise, Dawn!


Pictured left to right: Fremont 325 A, Maple, Burlap, Brown Glaze, 5-piece Drawer Front; Glasgow 231 F, Maple, Sunset, Brown Glaze, 1-Piece Raised Drawer Front; Haverhill A, Maple, Amberglo, 5-piece Drawer Front

Maple is available with 12 stains and glazes, and a clear finish option, you can select Maple in tones and hues which are natural and traditional, rich and warm, or golden brown.  This wood adds contemporary charm to any room.

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