Greenfield designer, Maria Fairbanks of Splash Kitchen Bath Home, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shares her inspirations for a recent master bath remodel.

“The customer wanted to refresh the bathroom and was relying on us to bring it together,” says Maria. “He had a beautiful home and had been slowly remodeling every room,” she adds.

It was immediately clear to Maria that the wife required more storage for makeup and hair products. “We came up with custom pull out canisters to put all her brushes and curling irons in and also used the vertical and horizontal dividers to create a spot for her makeup,” says Maria.

“The husband had collected cologne and had many bottles in his possession, so we made cubes using the vertical and horizontal dividers for his cologne to have its one designated spot,” notes Maria.

The couple also requested to hide their electric tooth brushes in drawers. Greenfield’s charging drawers were installed on both sides, so the toothbrushes could lay flat, out of sight, while charging.

According to Maria, the flooring tile was the origin of inspiration for this two-tone bathroom. This Art-Deco master bath remodel is glamorous and chic, with bold details and luxurious touches.

“The homeowner, designer and installer were very happy with the Greenfield Cabinetry,” says Maria.

“I have been trying to get Greenfield in one of the interior designer’s projects for a long time and I was happy this was our first job together,” she adds.

The bath features the Greenfield Kinnear 275 A door style, with Black and Gardenia painted finishes.

Maria Fairbanks is a designer/salesperson at Splash Kitchen Bath Home / Nicklas Supply.

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Photography courtesy of Splash Kitchen Bath Home.

Interior Designer: Susan Muschweck, Susan Muschweck Interior Design, LLC