Renovating your kitchen? Looking for clever storage options? Look no further!

Corner space can be tricky – you end up with an awkward and/or unusable cabinet with little to no storage in older or more basic cabinet brands. Corner storage is a MUST HAVE for any kitchen. By using any one of these corner solutions, this will create accessible storage for those larger pieces of cookware, smaller appliances you want to stay hidden, or even food items (especially if you don’t have a separate pantry).

Read on to discover three popular options for corner storage, available with Greenfield Cabinetry.


Pictured above: Blind corner with independent curved shelves with interior lighting, Modern Overlay construction, Hancock A door style, Cherry, Saddle, Black Glaze.

These doors can be opened one at a time, or at the same time, you can choose what to put in here, whether it’s snacks and treats, as pictured above, or even smaller kitchen appliances. It’s up to you!


Pictured above: Miracle corner with interior lighting, Full Access construction, Whitman 275 A door style, Walnut, Custom Stain, Black Glaze.

It’s called the miracle corner, because it’s simply miraculous how many items can fit in just this one cabinet! There is a two-tier shelf unit attached behind the door. As this door is opened, another two-tier shelf unit slides forward from the back of the cabinet. Perfect for glassware, bakeware, or whatever your heart desires!


Pictured above: Revolving square corner Susan, Full Access construction, Falls Creek J door style, Paint Grade, Amaranth, Black Glaze.

This isn’t your typical “lazy Susan”, no siree. This unit has a folding corner door which slides gently into the interior when opened. The unit goes 360 degrees all the way around (with some gentle prodding) and the door automatically folds out and closes back into place. A number one seller for corner storage for Greenfield Cabinetry.

All of these cabinets come with standard “soft-close” hinges, so no matter how hard you close the door, they softly go back into place. A bonus? Add lighting to any of these cabinets to brighten up those items stored all the way in the back!

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