We think homeowners LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the warmth that Cherry wood cabinets exude, regardless of door style or finish color.

Cherry is perennial. It adds richness and elegance to the space, and can feel traditional in a detailed style like the Deerfield, complement a transitional theme with the fancy flat panel like the Whitman style, or, lend a modern feel in a veneer like the Estridge or Everett slab style.

An uber-luxe pick for your home, Cherry features a warm color variation, which mellows with age – groovy.  Cherry will vary from a light vanilla color to deep pink in its raw state, and become more red or copper in color when exposed to light.

Pictured left to right: Ashbourne 300 F, Cherry, Natural, 5-piece Drawer Front; Deerfield 275 E, Cherry, Java, SR Inset, 1-Piece Raised Drawer Front; and Whitman 250 A, Cherry, Saddle, Brown Glaze, Slab Drawer Front

Available with 10 stains, plus glazes, and a clear finish option, you can select Cherry in tones and hues which are natural and traditional, rich and dark, or warm and red. In addition to hardwood, Cherry is also available in a sequence flat cut veneer, and composite quartered veneer for modern styling.

Pictured above: walls and talls, Full Access, Estridge, Seq Flat Cut Cherry, custom stain; bases, Full Access, Estridge, Sequenced Flat Cut Cherry, Timber.

Design courtesy of Bluestem Construction, LLC.

Photography courtesy of Farmkid Studios.

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